Zombies 5K App Review

Need an extra twist to get you motivated to exercise?  How about entering the Zombie apocalypse and running for your life?

Sound exciting?  Then Zombies, Run! could be for you.


Zombies, Run! continues to develop their game missions and has entered into the fitness training world with Zombies 5K.  Zombies 5K sets you in a post apocalyptic zombie world as a runner in training.

This app is in the style of a couch to 5K running program over an 8 week time span.  You exercise three times a week during your training and the workouts progressively increase run times throughout the sessions. There is a break down of the daily workout at the beginning of each run.  Workouts range from 30 to 60 minutes. You can also keep running after the training session and Zombies 5K will continue to track your time and mileage.

I would recommend this more for beginners, as at the 8 week marker you still only run for 10 minutes straight at a time.  For a more intermediate training program, I would expect something that would get me to running, or at least jogging, the whole time for the full 5K distance.

  • You get to listen to your own music while using this app.  It interjects the story and training either between songs or it will mute your music so you can hear the commentators.
  • It’s fun to keep going back to your runs and learning more about Abel Township and their zombie woes.
  • This app works directly with your own playlist on your phone, but only some media players work with the app.  And the Android Music app that comes on the phone is not one of them.  I had to go through three different media players, before I found one that worked.
  • My playlist associated with this app just spontaneously started playing on its own, no help from me… Guess a zombie has taken it over.
  • Zombies 5K also does not have Zombies chasing you with Zombie effects like the usual Zombies, Run! game.  You get an element of it in the first run and the last run, but I don’t think anything would have changed if the Zombie caught me.  No dropping items, no deaths, no game over…
  • Ease of use
  • Visually appealing
  • Cost


A 5K trainer that brings you into the zombie story!

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