The Bollywood Dance Workout DVD Review

Hemalayaa gets you moving Bollywood style for a fun workout

Exercise Difficulty: Any level
Exercise Focus: Full Body Cardio Training


I love Bollywood movies!  If you have not been exposed to this movie style, think modern day musicals- Indian style!  They usually have great dance moves and singing mixed in with the plot… which can be action, romance, drama… you name it.  I think my favorite part of these movies is the light-hearted fun that permeates the genre.  So, when I saw a Bollywood workout DVD, I thought, “I have to try this!”

Hemalayaa is a good instructor that introduces these Bollywood moves in a fun, informative manner.  I love that she often refers to the moves as ‘play’ and not working out.  I did find that I had a lot of fun doing this workout! And I am not someone who naturally finds working out fun.  I also enjoyed learning some of the traditional names for these moves and a little bit about their origins.  You can find more of her dvd’s on her website.

Overall, this was a decent, low impact workout utilizing good movement. This is more of a dance style workout, no weights or other equipment needed. In fact, she doesn’t even wear shoes. Just pop in the dvd and get your body moving.

If you’re just looking for a way to incorporate some exercise in your life and don’t have higher workout goals (like weight loss or strength training) then this could be a good stand alone program.  But more likely, you’ll be looking for appearance changing moves. In that case, this would be a good supplemental program and not a stand alone program.  This would be a good exercise dvd in-between weight training days when you’re looking to add a little extra cardio while your muscles recover.


  • Effective
  • Clear Instructions
  • Support
  • Cost
  • Fun Factor


Take a light-hearted approach to your workout and dance Bollywood style. This is not an intense workout, but it is fun! And gets you moving. 🙂


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