The All-Day Energy Diet Review

Using nutrition to heal you and help you to feel great!

Nutrition Target: Ultimate Health
Exercise Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate
Exercise Focus: Full Body

All Day Energy Diet

The All-Day Energy Diet is a total health and nutrition program by Yuri Elkaim.  Yuri has been a fitness trainer for the past 15 years.  His expertise in the fitness world and his personal challenges with Alopecia, an auto-immune condition, have escalated his health knowledge to new heights.  I found his explanations of why so many people fight fatigue today to be enlightening and helpful.  He uses language that is easy to read and not over encumbered with technical jargon or research.

If you are on the extreme side of fatigue issues, like having Adrenal Fatigue, Yuri also includes adaptations to his nutrition and exercise recommendations to help you specifically.  I have personally dealt with Adrenal Fatigue periodically, on different levels, over the years and found his insights very helpful.  He even includes tests you can perform at home to help diagnose your levels and how best to proceed.  Some of his methods and recommendations fall outside of the medical mainstream base.  His lack of finding answers to his own health challenges lead him on this course. He even became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to answer his own health questions and learn how to help others better.

The All-Day Energy Diet is a program that is committed to total health!  Yuri does a great job with explaining his 7 commandments of health, which are the foundation to his health principles.  He breaks up his foundations for health in easy to remember sections that help to catapult you to new health heights. The hardest part in his program (or any life changing program) is taking action. He does give some wiggle room in his eating recommendations, so you can occasionally cheat; but it’s not often. I found myself still craving sugar on his diet, which I know would make a huge beneficial impact on my health if I could get my sugar intake under control.

The book includes one week’s worth of menus to help you jump start your energy journey. These help to give you an example of Yuri’s eating recommendations. I personally found the recipes were overly simplistic and didn’t contain enough spices and flavor variation for my enjoyment. I have found other sources of clean eating recipes that I have enjoyed more, but his principles were sound and help to give you a starting point.

Exercise is only one chapter covered in The All-Day Energy Diet. He does go over a basic exercise routine that he would recommend, with adaptations for those with Adrenal Fatigue. If you are a true beginner, you would have a hard time turning his recommendations into an actual workout. You would need to seek out other support on this front. Of course he supplies these options through his other programs available through his website or you could research other exercise options on our site. There are also some freebies listed and available for you to download at the back of the book. Yuri is another trainer that believes in HIIT training, often referring to it as Burst training. You can read more about HIIT Training on our Why I Love HIIT Interval Training post.

  • Effective
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  • Support
  • Cost
  • Fun Factor
  • Nutrition


The All-Day Energy Diet is a complete nutrition and exercise program. The nutrition side is extremely clean, if you can stick to it you could see fantastic results. It's especially nice to have someone that understands Adrenal Fatigue and how nutrition and exercise can help you get your energy back.


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