My Story

DawnettaI have been a hobbyist exerciser with varying results for over 20 years.  I find that I love to mix up my exercise routines regularly.  About the time that I get really good at a particular program, I also find that I start to get bored. Really b-o-r-e-d.  So I either quit or move onto something else. Eventually, I look for the next mountain to conquer.  Because of this bizarre personality quirk, I have tried quite a few exercise fads out there.  Some I have enjoyed a lot, while others I have been amazed that anyone was able to make any money off of them.  In addition to walking, biking, Tae Bo, yoga, pilates, TTapp, The Firm and others, I have always enjoyed a bit of weight lifting, being a tomboy at heart.  I love the feeling with weight lifting that not only am I getting in shape, but I am getting strong.  And I don’t mean this in the sense that I want to look like a poster child for a weight lifting magazine… far from it.  I love the feeling when my muscles feel strong, but more then that- I love the feeling that also grows inside of me knowing that I am a strong person and can do hard things.

All this means one thing- I would be a terrible personal trainer.  But I am a great fitness reviewer!  And I don’t even want to write this blog from the perspective of an expert. I’m not! I am in the grind, living these programs that I review with you.  I will tell you which ones I love and which ones I think are just stupid or really hard… but maybe they got me great results.  Well, we can hope.  I am not at my ideal weight, but I am making some fabulous progress.  So, here’s to Life!

Dawnetta Mahnken