Jillian Michaels Slim For Life Review

Healthy living, straight and simple in Jillian style!

Nutrition Target: Liveable, Slimming Health
Exercise Difficulty: Beginning to Advanced
Exercise Focus: Full Body


This is the latest book in the Jillian library, she simplifies and summarizes all of her best methods into one source.

The Program

There are no shortcuts or magic potions in Slim For Life that will get you slim without your personal work and effort.  But Jillian Michaels does address everything in life that you can do to help you succeed on that path.  And she does it in a way that is entertaining, real, and doesn’t feel overwhelming.  You can take as many of her recommendations, or as few, as you want and add on to them when you’re ready.  Jillian does not approach this as an all or nothing program.  In fact, she wants you to be real with yourself about what you can commit to and focus on that!  Then you will see lifelong results that will keep you motivated and keep you off of the diet yo-yo machine.

Slim for Life is full of strategies that will help you find success in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. She gives you a foundation in nutrition and exercise, but then she also gives you strategies for keeping it Slim at home, work, or while traveling. There’s also motivational strategies and tips to keep you from tanking and falling in our most common pitfalls. She tops all of this off with simple tips to maximize your results and help you look and feel your best!  And all throughout the book Jillian challenges many common Slimming Myths and addresses them with current studies and facts to help keep your footing solid and moving forward.


I would call the exercise portion in Slim for Life more educational than functional.  Jillian is great at teaching you what should be in a great workout program and how to get the most out of your exercise routine. If you’ve tried any of Jillian’s workout programs, you know that she prefers circuit training.  She covers this here as well… why she loves it (being able to combine a good strength training workout and cardio workout in one session) and how to get the most out of it.  She shows examples of what your circuits should look like and how to make them the most effective.  There’s also a few explanations of some of her more specialized moves.  So, if you want to put an exercise routine together yourself you could, but then you would need to make sure you knew your moves (and didn’t require any extra training pointers), and then you would need to follow through on continuing to adapt them for an efficient full body work out.  Of course, Jillian recommends some of her other programs here as well to help you on your journey.


Jillian wants you to cut the crap out of your food.  She refers to these as the Frankenfoods or obesogens.  Nutrition is her first chapter in the book, because it plays such an important roll in slimming down.  There are further nutritional tips throughout the rest of the book to help you own this one.  But her approach does not feel overwhelming.  She applies what she calls the 80/20 rule… which is basically eating great food for 80% of your daily calorie allowance then the other 20% gets to be used for treats! You won’t have to white knuckle the nutrition portion and say good bye to all of your favorite foods… unless all of your favorite foods happen to be full of obesogens. Then you might be in trouble…


I found this book to be full of useful and applicable information, supported by current health research, and filled with Jillian’s fun style without some of her over the top hard core style.  It was a quick read chalked full with great tips!


  • Effective
  • Clear Instructions
  • Support
  • Cost
  • Fun Factor


A health book that will help you get the Slim you seek!


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