Jillian Michaels: For Beginners (Frontside/ Backside Combo) DVD Review

A great introduction to Strength and Cardio training

Exercise Difficulty: Beginner
Exercise Focus: Full Body Training


If you have been looking for a full body workout DVD truly for the beginner, than this could be just what you need.  Jillian Michaels invites some of her Biggest Losers to come and join her in Jillian Michaels: For Beginners.  This workout focuses on strength training mixed with cardio, to get you the best results of both forms of exercise.

This DVD has two workouts. One workout focuses on what Jillian calls the Front muscles and the other workout focuses on the Back muscles. Both workouts together equal a full body workout.

Each workout consists of 6 circuits of 3 different exercises in each circuit.  That means that if you do all the circuits in one workout you will be doing 18 different exercises with about 10 reps, 3 times.  That can sound like a lot, but each circuit is only about 7 minutes.  You can do the whole workout in about 40 minutes or you can do however many circuits you can fit in each day.  So, if you were trying to workout for about 2o minutes each day your schedule could look like this:

  • Day 1: Circuits 1-3 of the Front workout
  • Day 2: Circuits 1-3 of the Back workout
  • Day 3: Circuits 4-6 of the Front workout
  • Day 4: Circuits 4-6 of the Back workout

You could also throw in a couple days of walking or other cardio for a full weeks worth of workouts.  Soon, you will be ready to move onto more intense moves.

Jillian is great at breaking down each exercise in these routines into very simplified moves and adds lots of explanations.  She even explains what a Circuit is, in case this is a new way of exercising for you.  She also adds in lots of beginner tips and explains how to alter each exercise as you are ready to progress.

One thing that Jillian doesn’t focus on in these workouts is a Warm Up or a Cool Down.  If you feel you need these, remember to do a gentle Warm Up that gets your blood flowing and ready to move your muscles.  Five minutes of walking would be a great start.  Save the stretching for the Cool Down.  At the end, take some time to stretch out those muscles that you’ve just fatigued.  This should feel good, not painful.

The one thing about this DVD that kinda bugged me was the stark, white background.  Imagine green screen, but it’s ALL white.  It was blinding at first and hard to focus on the athletes showing the exercise moves.  I did find I got use to it after awhile, but I would be working hard to get to the next DVD workout….

This is a good workout for beginners.  And I like that the exercises are shown by non-professional looking athletes.  It’s fun to see past Biggest Loser contestants in action, but I also find it feels more real to be working out with people who have truely been beginners as well.

  • Effective
  • Clear Instructions
  • Support
  • Cost
  • Fun Factor


This is Jillian Michaels best DVD for TRUE beginners. This gets anyone working all of their muscles and gets them on the path to fitness with lots of tips and explanations.

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