Dr. Josh Axe Burst Fit Review

The passion of ultimate health comes to your home with Dr. Josh Axe

Nutrition Target: Ultimate Health
Exercise Difficulty: Beginning to Advanced
Exercise Focus: Full Body

The Program

Dr. Josh Axe is passionate about his pursuit to transform the health of others. He brings lots of energy when it comes to teaching his principles to others. This combination of passion and energy is evident through his radio show, website, and programs. His Wellness Center has allowed him to fine tune his program to bring ultimate health into your home.  Burstfit’s main focus is exercise, but it also comes with a short Nutritional Guide and Quick Start Guide, giving you a complete fitness program.


The Burstfit program comes with 3 dvd disks.  Most of the exercises are on the first two disks.  The third disk is more of a bonus.  It covers some of Dr. Axe’s nutritional tips and has a 13 minute Butt exercise sequence from Suzanne Bowan.  (Suzanne has good cues and explanations in her sequence.  It’s a good compliment to the rest of the program.)

The Quick Start Guide gives you a workout outline for 4 weeks, taking you through all six workouts in any week.  So you’ll be focusing on a different body area everyday.  By the end of the week you will have worked your entire body. There are also schedule recommendations for beginners or advanced trainers.  This is helpful as each day, you know what exercises you’ll be doing and you won’t have to think about your program (or think yourself out of your program… as I sometimes do…)

The workouts are high intensity and push you the whole time, but they’re only about 25 minutes each; so it’s a doable!  They’re also broken up into 1 minute or 30 second exercises.  By the time you’re burned out on one exercise, you’re already moving on to the next one.  And be forewarned, they move quick from one exercise to the next.  Once you get the sequences down, you’ll be able to keep up with them.  For now, just do what you can.  As Dr. Josh would say, “you can do anything for 3o seconds!”

Dr. Josh is also good at explaining the different exercises and gives good information about training during the workouts.  Although, sometimes his verbal cues can cause you to get off, evidence that he is a doctor first and a trainer second. This can be confusing and throw off your 30 second intervals, but it’s minimal.  Just jump back in and do what you can. He also doesn’t mention the equipment needed for the workout and sometimes doesn’t recommend weight limits for you to use until the workout is almost over. If you just plan on the first time being a run through and note down which weight you used, you’ll be good to go.

Dr. Josh also has the exercises demonstrated for beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  So anyone can truly jump in and use this program. I usually follow intermediate levels, but I found at times I had to drop back to the beginner exercises… True beginners understand that he is pushing you hard and he only wants you to do what you can.  If you have to take a quick breather, go for it and then jump back in (just don’t take a break for the whole exercise 😛 )  You’re body will get stronger and you’ll soon be keeping up.

Burstfit is also done in a HIIT style.  He usually does about three exercises back to back with a 30 second break, then finishes up each workout with a Tabaata cardio style ending.  These workouts really get me sweating and give me a great workout in a short amount of time.  My biggest complaint is the lack of a warm up or cool down sequence.  I usually add these on my own, since I’m such a big believer in them.


Between the Nutritional Guide and the Nutritional tips on the dvd, you have a great foundation for eating healthy.  Dr. Axe goes through his top nutrition recommendations and explains why he recommends them.  He has a very clean eating philosophy and his tips and recipes support this.

The recipes that are included in the Nutritional Guide are pretty basic, from the ingredients to the directions.  This is not a culinary recipe guide, but a basic get you started into health kind of a guide.  I found some of the recipes needed more seasoning or spice options to be enjoyable, but they were definitely healthy.  I also didn’t know where to find some of the ingredients or how to make them (sprouted walnuts anyone?)

The Website

Dr. Axe’s website offers lots of additional support and lots of good information. I went there several times to look for additional support information. The Burstfit program is supposed to have links to the website for additional free “shopping guides” and “meal plans”; but as of right now… they don’t work.  It would have been nice to have the extra information to help jump start the adventure into ultimate health.


This is a great full fitness program that helps you to get your workouts done quickly and move on with your day. To see the best results, you really need to stick with the nutrition guide; which can be hard.  It’s very clean eating and low, or rather no, sugar.

  • Effective
  • Clear Instructions
  • Support
  • Cost
  • Fun Factor


A quick full body fitness program that can give you the results you're looking for.

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