Does Your Exercise Make You Sweat?


There was a time when I did not sweat when I exercised. Does this usually matter? For me, it has. Sweating while exercising, tells me two things:

1. I’m hydrated enough to be able to sweat while exercising.

If you are not drinking enough water you may be getting a great workout, but your body has no reserves to sweat . (You may become red, light headed, and fatigued more easily.) This also lets you know that your body does not have enough water for optimal body functions, especially losing weight. So, drink up!  You’ll feel better and look better!

2. It can also mean I am not pushing myself hard enough.

Now this is partially dependent on your exercise goals.  If you are in maintenance mode or just getting your cardio for heart health, this isn’t as big of a deal.  But if you are focused on fat loss, sweating is your indicator that you’re on Target. So, if your focus is to lose fat- push yourself to your sweating point.

The great thing about a personal sweating point is it also matches our fitness level. If you have more to lose, you’ll start sweating much sooner then when you are in much better health and have to push yourself harder.

HITT and Cardio Weight Lifting have definitely brought this aspect into my fitness program.  And I’ve seen huge results from learning to sweat!  It’s also a great detoxifier…

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